Find the Best Lawn Edgers


There are many factors to consider when finding the best lawn edger, if you are to purchase the right one. Here are just some of the factors that you can use while searching for the lawn edger. Size and time are some of the most crucial factors and the rule of thumb is that the larger the lawn, the more powerful the lawn edger you will need. Something that is heavier and more durable will be preferable if the garden perimeter is large and vice versa. Usually, edging lawns takes longer than you might imagine and this is why if you want to save time, you should probably buy an electric lawn edger rather than a manual one.

This brings us to the next factor which is either electric or the best lawn edger. The electric one is lightweight making it easy to carry around and is cheaper compared to their gas counterparts. The electric lawn edger is good for the people that are still new at edging or if the garden is small. However, it is worth noting that the electrical one is not as powerful as the gas one. The gas one on the other hand is more powerful than the electrical ones and goes well with the larger perimeters. They are also loud and their emissions are capable of polluting the environment.

The other option you have is the number of wheels on the edger. The more wheels the lawn edger has the better because you will receive more stability and efficiency when using them. This means that if there are more wheels, you will get a nicer and cleaner finish because you will be running neatly along the edge of the curb. The lawn edgers come in both two or four cycle engines and these will determine the efficiency you will receive from the edger. The most popular choice is the two cycle engine and it needs you to mix both gas and oil. These tend to pollute the environment more. Check this site to know more!

The four cycle engines ones are cleaner but are heavier. According to your preference and the type of lawn you have, you can choose either type of engine. You can also choose between angled and straight blades depending on what you want to achieve. Sharp perpendicular blades will give you a neat finish but if you want more flexibility, you can choose the angled look. If you carefully follow these considerations, you will end up with the best lawn edgers. You may also read further at


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