Characteristics to Look Out for When Buying a Lawn Edger


For someone who owns their own home and mows their lawn, there is nothing as beautiful as taking a step back and having a breathtaking view of the neatly trimmed lawn. Just to add on it, the odour of the recently cut grass adds to the moment. But what makes this view special is the neatly edged and trimmed grass. Mowing your lawn but not edging/trimming it is like washing your vehicle and not waxing it. It looks better but far from special. A Lawn edger/trimmer is the tool which may help you turn your lawn into something special. The best lawn edgers can be found online by visiting the homepage of some of the websites selling lawn equipment.

Things You Need To Look For in a Lawn Edger

Always find a lawn edger that will start easily. That is, it will be able to start by pulling the cord once or twice.

Look for a gas powered push type lawn edger. Other lawn edgers which include (pole and electric) will simply not give you the speed, convenience, and quality of cut that a gas powered one will.

You will want a lawn edger with good horsepower and torque to perform the job. Usually, an edger using a 4.75 torque and 3.5 horsepower engine is more than enough for a standard lawn.

You are going to need to guarantee that the lawn edger has a blade disengagement capacity. This capability is an essential security feature for each lawn edger user and permits you to disengage the blade from turning, click now!

Ensure that your edger can maintain its equilibrium when being used on curbs, uneven ground, etc. A four-wheeled lawn edger is much efficient than the one with three wheels.

You should make sure that you buy a lawn edger which offers a neat, sharp, clean-looking grass cut along your sidewalks, driveway and flowerbeds.

Buy an edger which allows you to quickly and easily replace the edger blade once it gets worn out and has to be replaced. Know more facts at

When purchasing a lawn edger, always look for one that offers you protection from injury by having features such as, edger blade guard, rear edger blade debris deflector, etc.

Look out for a lawn edger with that can automatically convert into a trimmer by the switch if a button.

All of these are some of the characteristics you should look out for when looking for the best lawn edger for your yard, know more here!


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